Facts About Aquarius

Facts About Aquarius.

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Aquarius is the eleventh star sign in the zodiac and it originates from the constellation name Aquarius. It is the last air sign in the zodiac and it is represented by the water bearer. If you want to learn Aquarius fun facts, then this article is the right facts list you need to read.

Just like every other star sign, Aquarius has its strength, myths, facts and weakness. You are considered an Aquarius if you are born between January 19th and February 18th. Also, Aquarians are said to be assertive, opinionated, intellectual, detached, original, idealistic, friendly, and independent. In this article, we would discuss all the facts about Aquarius that make them one of the most special zodiacs out there. If you are one, you do not want to miss out on these freaky facts about Aquarius.

Now, without wasting much of our time, let’s have a look at the 19 exciting facts you need to know about Aquarius.

Facts On Aquarius

  • They have great memories

Aquarians are said to have really good memories and you can surely rely on them to remember close to everything that has happened. This means that they will carry every one of the experiences you have with them, whether good or bad, for a long time.

  • They are deep thinkers

People with the Aquarius star sign are thought to be deep thinkers which make the majority of them over-think things no matter how simple it seems. They are going to take a lot of time, care, and thought to make big decisions in their lives.

  • They have lots of favorite numbers

Aquarians are said to have lots of lucky numbers, with 4, 8, 17, and 26 is just a few. You might want to put them to use when next you play a Lotto.

  • Compatibility

People with the Aquarius star sign are said to be compatible with a variety of other star signs with Libras, Geminis, and Aries topping the list. These other star signs will help to perfectly complement the Aquarian’s personalities.

  • They are sarcastic

Sarcasm is something that is said to be quite popular among persons with the Aquarius star sign. Due to this, they have quite a good sense of humor which can take some time for other people to get used to. They are also said to be naturally funny without realizing it sometimes.

  • They can be very angry

Aquarians are known for getting quite explosive when they are provoked so it is best just to avoid doing things that can annoy them intentionally. Instead, it’d be better if you help feed and support their innovative and creative side.

  • They have varying energy levels

The Aquarius star sign is thought to be one of the most complex signs amongst other zodiac signs. This is because Aquarians have varying energy levels. Some are shy and reserved while others are eccentric, outspoken, and dynamic. They still tend to be deep thinkers irrespective of their energy levels which is great.

  • Aquarians want what’s right

Persons with the Aquarius star sign are said to be curious and have a high level of curiosity, and also stand for justice.

Despite wanting what’s right, they can go off-track sometimes and it’s quite hard to bring them back on track, which makes them take longer than other star signs to get things done. By the way, they are also very affectionate and creative.

  • They are irritable

Aquarians are thought to have an inclination or natural tendency to fall into a bad mood. This mostly happens when things don’t go the way they planned or when they experience failure.

  • Aquarians can’t be rushed

Like I stated earlier, Aquarians are deep thinkers, this makes them take their time before making crucial decisions. They have to apply reason, logic, and emotion before making that decision. Due to this, they can be rushed into doing things and it is probably best you don’t try.

  • Popular Aquarians

If you’re wondering what famous people are Aquarians then this is going to answer your question. Some popular Aquarians are football superstar C. Ronaldo, actirs6 Bridget Fonda and Matt Dillon, TV icon Oprah Winfrey, and basketball god Michael Jordan.

  • They can easily get addicted

Aquarians are said to have a hard time breaking free from addictive personalities, manias, and obsessions. This is said to occur because they get deeply involved in anything they like and are passionate about.

  • Aquarians do their homework

Not exactly the homework you get from school but people with the Aquarius star sign are said to do deep research about suggestions, advice, and facts before they accept them. This is also a part of their deep thinking personality so they usually take into account all the pros and cons before making a crucial decision.

  • They are hard to read

Persons with the Aquarian star sign are usually some of the hardest people to read as they can easily close off their emotions in the name of creative bluster. This is one of the reasons why they seem to not be that compatible with Leo.

  • They are social

Aquarians are very social and love talking, meeting friends, and attending social occasions. They are said to have great social skills which they can even develop better with some hard work.

  • They love fun

Most social persons love having fun and this doesn’t come as a surprise. Aquarians love exciting and creative activities and also dislike having to deal with loneliness and the everyday norm.

  • Aquarians don’t sleep early

When compared to other star signs, Aquarians tend to have trouble sleeping and this is thought to be because it takes a long time for their mind to switch off.

  • They are true to their sign

Being a true water carrier, Aquarians are likely to be attracted to water colors, such as blue, etc, and other Aquarian features.

  • Not compatible with Leo

Since we had a quick talk about who Aquarians are compatible with, it’d be fair if we also include those they aren’t compatible with. And the top of that list is Leo, Leos are said to likely be the worst possible match for an Aquarian as they are proud and determined.  This will make Aquarians struggle to compete or to relax around a Leo.

We have gotten to the end of the list of facts about Aquarius, some of these Aquarius facts are actually not known by most Aquarius out there, that is why it is important we create and share these Aquarius fun facts with you. Next section would be dedicated to answering questions about Aquarius.

Important Frequently Asked Questions About  Aquarius

  • What Astrological house is Aquarius?

The  Eleventh House

  • What element is Aquarius?


  • What metal is Aquarius?


  • What modality is Aquarius?

Modality is fixed

  • What season is Aquarius?


  • What is the ruling planet?

Saturn and Uranus

  • What is the color of Aquarius?


  • What are the body parts?

Body part is skin, ankles.

  • What is the secret wish for Aquarius?

To have complete freedom

  • What stone is Aquarius?


  • What is the Zodiac symbol?

The Water Bearer

  • What is the Tarot card?

The Star

  • What date is Aquarius born?

January 20 – February 18.