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WTF facts are super interesting and intriguing facts that’ll make your brain pause and think for a minute and have you scream out loud WTF!!!

Yes, that is exactly what WTF fun facts are about. On this site we never run out of facts to share with you, facts that are entertaining and at the same time amazing. Some things are better left unknown than known others are so interesting that they should be illegal(just kidding) WTF facts are some of those. these WTF facts are going to unlock the curiosity filled part of your mind, the part of your brain that wants to know more than anything. These WTF fun facts will only get your legs and hands deeper into more surprising knowledge, than you can handle or than you expected. These facts are regarded WTF facts because they’re not just interesting but unexpected and bizarre you might wish they’re not true, if you’re not one strong enough to handle strange facts.

Let’s get into the lost of WTF facts that should blow your mind and unsettle your brain.

wtf facts

  1. In the 1980s, Princess Marie Auguste, a German princess became very broke that she started the business of adopting men in exchange for money, these men after adoption will become royal ‘Princes’ while she was paid huge amounts of money. She was rumored to have made millions of dollars from the strange business.
  2. The state of Alaska is the Easternmost and at the same time the Westernmost part of the USA.
  3. The American Zoo Association has a matchmaking site for animals to meet and mate. This matchmaking site is known as the ‘population management center’, it was established to preserve some species from going extinct by facility matchmaking between zoos.
  4. At every single time you only need one of your nostrils to breath. This fact is true for the vast majority of people on Earth.
  5. Butterflies are generally vampires, when given the chance. They will drink your blood, tears and even sweat, just any fluid that from your body that has enough nutrients for them. So, they aren’t always that cute little creature you always love to play with.

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  1. If you’re to die at home alone with any of your pets(cat or dog) you’re likely going to be eaten by them before help comes. Even if you were not dead, if you were to pass out or fall into a deep sleep that lasted longer than normal with just you and your pet at home, rest assured if they run out of food they’ll start eating at your body. Sometimes, they don’t need to run out of food, a single taste of blood is enough to reignite their nature. Note, that your cat is likely to start eating at you first than your dog, but eventually they all will.
  2. The letter ‘D’ in ‘D-Day’ stands for ‘Day’. Makes you think what’s the essence? Usually, most people thought the ‘D’ stands for doom, death or deal, signifying Doom-day, Death-day or Deal-day. Alas! We’re all wrong.
  3. Your mouth has more bacteria and germs than your toilet seat. There are or germs crawling in your mouth than you can ever imagine, so when ever you want to ‘discriminate’ against your toilet seat on the basis that it contains germs, first remind yourself of the millions of germs crawling and living happily rent free in your mouth.
  4. Each kiss you once had transferred as much as 80 million germs between you and whoever you were kissing
  5. Dead people can still have an erection. ‘Angel lust’ is the name of this situation. What we don’t know is if they can make use of the Angel lust while at it.

WTF facts


  1. The US flag was designed for a school project by a 17 year old teenager, Bob Heft.
  2. Frogs swallow with their eyes. I know what you’re thinking. Of course frogs have mouths but they don’t have muscles strong enough to push down food, so what they do when they swallow is retract their eyeballs to help push the food down the esophagus.
  3. We’re all the same, genetically. All human beings  share 99.9 percent of the same genetic make up. So when next you see someone from Asia, Africa or anywhere else in the world, just know that you’re looking your sibling.
  4. Hitler was  nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, the exact year world war 2 started. Wonder what would have happened if he had won.
  5. There’s a morgue in every cruise ship, especially one that is active. This is in a case where a passenger dies the crew will have a place to store the body before they can arrive at any port. Not only do they have morgues, there are luxuries theatres, golf courses and swimming pools.

WTF facts

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  1. Corn flakes were invented as a ‘drug’ to prevent masturbation. It was Dr Harvey Kellogg’s idea to prevent masturbation with a healthy breakfast such as corn flakes.
  2. There’s a complete ecosystem of organisms surviving and living and on your belly-button. Basically, your belly-button serves as a complete source of life for certain smaller organisms.
  3. People with high I.Q tend to love dark humor.
  4. There’s a woman who is able to smell Parkinson’s disease on people, a study was conducted where she accurately identified 11 of 12 patients of the disease. Wasn’t long before the last person was diagnosed with same disease.
  5. Only 10% of Americans consume the most amount of alcohol taken in America. 30% do not drink at all.

WTF fun facts


  1. The CIA once spied with Cats, project Acoustic Kitty it was called. They failed. LOL
  2. Being forgetful is a good sign. Forgetting irrelevant things makes your mind sharper and able to focus on more important things
  3. Patients respond better to treatments when they’re told their drugs cost more($1500+)
  4. The stickers you see on fruits in the super markets are 100% edible. Next time, never waste your money by peeling and throwing them away.  See these hip hop trivia questions.
  5. The US Navy replaced clunky and expensive periscope controllers on submarines with xbox 360 controllers. This drastically reduced training time from hours to minutes. Apparently, the trainees thought they were playing games. Don’t we all love games?

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  1. The US Navy has military dolphins which it uses to defend the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons.
  2. Shooting stars are sometimes astronauts’ poop. When an astronaut’s poop is released it usually burns and shoots like the shooting stars.
  3. Back in the 16th century, scientists used to believe there were little people in sperms. imagine the population each of you(men) is carrying in between your legs.
  4. Statistically, many people get the urge to poop when ever they’re in a book store.
  5. In the 19th century, people during Victorian England were into the morbid practice of taking photographs with dead bodies of their loved ones.

WTF facts


  1. Through out human history, humanity has farted approximately 17 quadrillion times. That is an enormous amount of energy.
  2. Jelly beans are coated with secretion from insects. Shellac is the actual substance used in coating jelly beans, this substance is made from insect secretions.
  3. Cockroaches can live for weeks after their heads have been cut off.
  4. Most Muppets are left-handed. Apparently, because most puppeteers are right-handed.
  5. In space there’s a gas cloud with enough alcohol to produce 400 trillion pints of beer. Enough alcohol to go round.

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WTF facts


  1. 91% of people lie regularly both at home and at work, while 62% of people tell as much as 3 lies every minute.
  2. Turtles can breath through their butts. WTF??????
  3. There used to be farting competitions in ancient Japan.
  4. William Shakespeare was the first to use insult about people’s mothers e.g mother ***er etc.
  5. Your heartbeat changes with the music you’re listening to.

WTF facts


  1. The average person spends as much as 4 years in toilet.
  2. A couple once got murdered because they unfriended someone on Facebook. What????
  3. An average woman stares at the mirror as much as 38 times a day.
  4. There’s an Indianan state prison that let’s murderers adopt cats
  5. Philematology is the science of kissing. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

WTF fun facts

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  1. Marriage is the number 1 cause of divorce.
  2. The fear of staying single is Anuptaphobia
  3. Adolf Hitler used his school report card as toilet paper.
  4. One in three dog owners say they have talked to their pets on phone.
  5. There are 84 people in the USA named LOL. LOL

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