Fun Facts About Alaska

Fun Facts About Alaska

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Alaska, a state created on the 3rd of January 1959 and became the 49th state of the United States of America. Alaska is a state that has some interesting history that is almost unlike that of the rest of the USA. In fact, even its geographic location gives it away and would let you know there is so much more to learn about the state of Alaska through facts about Alaska.

One such interesting facts about Alaska is that the land known as Alaska originally belonged to Russia and the USA bought it from them on the 30th of March 1867. This purchase made Alaska the biggest state by landmass(665,000 square miles), it is twice the size of the next state in landmass which is the state of  Texas(268,000 square miles). The unique history and facts about Alaska goes on and on, and there is no way to learn about these than through a list of fun facts about Alaska as compiled in this article.

As you already know, Alaska is one of 50 states in the United States and it is located in the Western region of the country on the northwest furthermost end of North America. Alaska is known for its wide-open wilderness, native culture, abundant wildlife, and vast outdoor experience. 

Without any further ado let’s dive into the compilation of Alaska facts that would blow your mind.

Fun Facts About Alaska

  • ¬†33% of Alaska is within the Arctic Circle¬†

About 1/3rd of Alaska is located within the Arctic Circle which is the northernmost major circle of latitude out of all the five major ones

  • ¬†It is the largest state in the US

With a total area of 663,268 square miles, Alaska is the largest state in the United States. It is even larger than Texas, California, and Montana combined, which are all the next three largest states. Alaska is also considered to be the 7th largest subnational division in the whole world.

  • ¬†It is the least densely populated state¬†

Alaska is the 3rd least populated state in the United States as it has a population of 736,990, this makes it also the least densely populated state as there are about 1.2 people per square mile. 

  • ¬†¬†Its official nickname¬†

All states have nicknames and Alaska is no different, the official nickname for the state is the Last Frontier.

  • ¬†The largest city in Alaska is Anchorage¬†

Anchorage is the state’s largest city as about half of the state’s residents live within the city.¬†

  • ¬†Its neighboring territories

Alaska is bordered to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the south by the Pacific Ocean, to the east by British Columbia and Canada’s Yukon Territory, and to the west by the Bering Sea and the Chukchi Sea plus a maritime border with Russia.

  • ¬†Juneau is not accessible by road

Juneau, the capital city of Alaska, is not accessible by road due to the extremely rugged terrain surrounding the beautiful city. To visit the city, one would have to come in by plane, cruise ship, or ferry. This makes the city considered a de facto island. 

  • ¬†It is the man’s land

Of all the 50 states in the United States, Alaska has the highest percentage of men as about 52% of the state’s population is male.¬†

  • ¬†It would be the 17th largest country

Yeah, you read right, if Alaska were to be a country, it would be the 17th largest country in the world. 

  • ¬†It is the 2nd youngest US state

Alaska is the second youngest US state as it was the 49th state to be admitted to the union on January 3, 1959. Before becoming a state, Alaska was considered to be the Territory of Alaska. 

  • ¬†It has the highest indigenous population in the US¬†

Alaska is the US state with the most population of indigenous people as about 20% of the state’s residents are all indigenes. There are 231 federally recognized tribes in the state which is about 40% of the total number of tribes in the nation.

  • More than 15 indigenous languages are considered an official language

To be exact, 20 indigenous languages from different tribes in the state of Alaska are considered to be official language. 

  • ¬†The meaning of its name

Alaska’s name is said to have originated from the Native American Aleut word “Alyeska” which means “The Great Land”. Other Alaska Natives have similar names for it with a popular one being “Alaxsxaq” which is said to mean Mainland.

  • ¬†The Alaska state flag was designed by a 13-year-old

The state flag of Alaska was designed in 1926 by a 13-year-old named Benny Benson. The flag has a dark blue background with eight stars on it. 

  • ¬†It can be typed using one row of a keyboard

All the letters in the word “Alaska” are on one row of a keyboard so you don’t need to move your hand much when you are typing the name.

  • ¬†Alaska’s Coastline is Longer Than All the Other 49 States’ Combined

With a coastline that is about 6,640 miles long, Alaska has a longer coastline than the rest of the 49 US states all joined together.

  • National and state parks take up close to 10% of the state

About 9.10% of Alaska’s land area comprises state and national parks, this is the 2nd highest of any state.¬†

  • ¬†¬†Most of Alaska is federally owned¬†

Close to two-thirds of Alaska is owned by the federal government and this includes all national forests, wildlife refuges, and national parks that are all around the state.

  • There are 8 national parks in Alaska¬†

Alaska has the 2nd most national parks of all 50 states as there are 8 national parks across the state. The national parks are Wrangell-St. Elias, Kobuk Valley, Bering Land Bridge, Sitka, Katmai, Denali, Kenai Fjords, and Gates of the Arctic.

  • Alaska Day is celebrated

Residents of Alaska do celebrate Alaska Day on the 18th of October to remember the day when the state was officially transferred from Russia to the US. 

  • It hosts the highest peak in the US¬†

Denali is the highest peak in the United States and all of North America at 6,190 meters. The word is said to mean Great One. 

  • It has the largest national park

Being the largest state, it is expected that the largest national park will also be in Alaska. The Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is the largest national park in the United States as it spans 20,587 square miles. The park is bigger than Switzerland (a whole country on its own), Rhode Island, Vermont, and the Netherlands (another country).

  • It has the largest forest in the United States

The Tongass National Forest is recognized as the largest national forest in the United States; it is situated on 26,100 square miles of land.

  • Glaciers cover 5% of Alaska’s land

Glaciers cover about 29,000 square miles of land in Alaska, the most of any US state. 

  • ¬†The largest glacier in the US is in Alaska¬†

The Bering Glacier in Alaska is the largest glacier in the United States and the whole of North America. It covers an area of 1,900 square miles and is about 126 miles long. 

  • Alaska is home to the northernmost community in the US

Utqiagvik is located at the northern end of Alaska and it is considered to be the northernmost community in the United States.

  • One of the world’s largest tides occurs in Alaska

Turnagain Arm is a waterway near Anchorage in Alaska and it is where one of the world’s largest tides happens as it rises more than 10 meters.¬†

  • There is no income tax in Alaska

If you’re tired of having to pay the numerous taxes that some states enforce, you can consider moving to Alaska as there is no income tax in the state.¬†

  • Alaska has no counties

Most states in the United States are divided into counties but Alaska is quite different as it is divided into boroughs instead. It has 19 organized boroughs and one unorganized borough, making a total of 20 boroughs across the state. 

  • ¬†It is the land of 3 million lakes

Alaska is home to about 3,000,000 million natural lakes with only about 3,197 of them being officially named. If you love fishing, try to visit Alaska and explore the millions of lakes available.

  • It has the 6th lowest road miles in the US

Of all 50 states, Alaska has the 6th lowest total number of miles of road as there are only 36,009 miles of road in the state.

  • Alcohol is banned in many places

Alcohol abuse used to be a problem in rural communities in Alaska but it is no more as many of the communities have banned the consumption of alcohol. 

  • It’s home to America’s 3rd longest river

The Yukon River in Alaska is the 3rd longest river in the United States as it has a length of 1,979 miles. It originates in Canada and flows through Yukon to the Bering Sea.

  • It has the most volcanoes in the US

Alaska is home to more than 130 volcanoes, and about 70 of them have been active since around the late 1700s. These 70 active volcanoes have been responsible for more than 70% of the US volcanic eruptions over the last 200 years, causing millions of dollars in damages. 

  • It is not a religious state

Alaska is one of the least religious states in the United States so feel free.

  • Alaska has more than 12,000 rivers

There are more than 12,000 rivers across the state of Alaska and they are a great source of food and income for people who live around them.

  • It has only one telephone code

Many states in the US have multiple telephone codes but Alaska is different as it has just one telephone code, 907.

  • America’s lowest recorded temperature was in Alaska

The state of Alaska holds the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States. In 1971, Prospect Creek Camp recorded a temperature of -80 degrees Fahrenheits.

  • The largest salmon ever caught was in Alaska

Kenai River in Alaska produced the largest salmon to have ever been caught as it weighed a whopping 94 lbs 4 oz.

  • It has the 5th highest per capita income

Despite having an economy that is not big, Alaska has the 5th highest per capita income of all 50 states at $69,430.

  • The world’s largest turnip was harvested in Alaska

A farm in Alaska harvested a turnip that was 39.3 lbs in weight and which is the world record for the largest turnip. 

  • It has more than 10,000 active pilots

Throughout the state of Alaska, there are about 10,378 active pilots, this is more than 3 times higher than the national average.

  • 98% of America’s brown bears live in Alaska

About 30,000 brown bears are living in Alaska which is 98% of all brown bears that live in the United States. 

  • It has one of the world’s largest pipelines

The Trans Alaska Pipeline System in the state is one of the largest oil pipelines in the world as it is capable of transporting 2 million barrels per day. 

  • The gray wolves’ land

It is estimated that there are close to 13,000 gray wolves in Alaska, and this is about two-thirds of the total gray wolf population in the United States. 

  • It has the highest rate of sexual assault

Unfortunately, Alaska ranks number one on the list of US states with the highest rate of sexual assault. 

  • It hosts the world’s largest sled dog race

Iditarod Trail is the largest sled dog race in the world and it takes place every year in Alaska, from Anchorage to Nome. It covers a distance of 938 miles. 

  • ¬†The Northern Lights can be seen from Alaska¬†

The Northern Lights are one of nature’s beautiful wonders and you can see it from Alaska, it is visible to the eyes for about 200 days every year.

  • The world’s largest cabbage was from Alaska

Scott and Mardie Robb, two farmers in Alaska harvested a cabbage that weighed 138.25 lbs and it holds the world record for the largest ever cabbage. 

  • Funny laws in Alaska

In Alaska, it is against the law for you to wake up a sleeping bear to take a selfie, not like anyone who wants to stay alive is going to try that. Also, in Nome, you are prohibited from discharging an airgun, a bow and arrow, or a slingshot. 

  • The bald eagle’s land

Alaska can be considered to be the bald eagle’s land as the state has the bird’s largest population of all 50 states with an estimate of 30,000.


We are at the end of the list of Alaska fun facts that makes the state of Alaska one of the most wonderful places in the United States of America and Alaskans a wonderful people. In the next section we would be answering some popular and frequently asked questions about Alaska.

FAQs About Alaska Fun Facts

  • How much of Alaska is uninhabited?

About 99% of the landmass of Alaska is uninhabited, this is because of the state is mostly wilderness and mountainous. Alaska has over 365, million acres of land but only 160,000 is inhabited.

  • Which country is Alaska in?

Alaska is a state in the United States of America, it is the 49th state of the US. It is also the largest state of the United States of America. Alaska used to be a part of Russia before it was sold to the US for $7.2 million on the 30th of March 1867.

  • Alaska is what country?

Alaska is a state in the United States of America, it is the 49th state of the US. It is also the largest state of the United States of America. Alaska used to be a part of Russia before it was sold to the US for $7.2 million on the 30th of March 1867.

  • What is Alaska’s state nickname?

Alaska state’s nickname is ‘The Last Frontier’, this is because of its distance from the lower 48 states and because of its rugged landscape and climate.

  • What makes Alaska unique?

Alaska is unique because it is the largest state of the USA, it has the largest amount of untouched wilderness, much of its landmass is uninhabited by humans.

  • What is Alaska know for?

Alaska is known for its huge size, the wilderness, the mountains, the landscape, the wildlife, the untouched wilderness and the natural habitat is possesses and lot more.

  • What is the motto of Alaska?

The motto of Alaska is ‘North To The Future’.

  • What is Alaska’s nickname?

Alaska state’s nickname is ‘The Last Frontier’, this is because of its distance from the lower 48 states and because of its rugged landscape and climate.