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Pokemon Facts You Didn’t Know.

pokemon facts

I don’t know if there’s anyone that doesn’t know what Pokemon is, if you’re one of those you’ll not only learn what Pokemon is but you’ll learn some facts about Pokemon. Pokemon is otherwise known as Pocket Monsters in Japan. It is a series of video games developed by a game freak and was published by Nintendo and the Pokemon company as part of the Pokemon media franchise.

As Pokemon is a fun game series though later adapted into movies, it’s reasonable that we share these fun facts about Pokemon primary because this is a fun fact sharing website and the fact that some of the facts are really fun to know, these facts about Pokemon range from the history of Pokemon down to the specific characteristics of the Pokemons.

Below is the list of fun facts about Pokemon:

  1. Bulbasaur : from history is the sole unevolved dual type of starter Pokemon.
  2. Charmander: is considered the tallest Fire-type starter Pokemon.
  3. Squirtle: is the known first Water-type Pokemon in National Pokedex.
  4. Ivysaur: this is the one and only GenerationI Pokemon that has its name start with letter I
  5. Chameleon: this has the ability to learn leer in Generation I.
  6. Venusaur: this is a mixture of the two words ‘Venus’ which interprets Venus Flytrap plant and  also the greek word ‘saur’ meaning lizard.
  7. Blastoise: this has greatest base Special Defense of all fully evolved starter Pokemon.
  8. Metapod: otherwise known as Cocoon Pokemon .
  9. Weedle: it evolves when it reaches level 7, which is the lowest level required for any type of Pokemon to evolve by leveling up.
  10. Caterpie: it was the earliest Pokemon to be sighted evolving in the anime.
  11. Butterfree: got trained by the trainers Ash, Drew, Ritchie and Solidad.
  12. Charizard: became the favorite Pokemon by votes according to the official Nintendo Magazine readers in February 2012.
  13. Wartotle: got its name from the blend of the words “war/warrior” and “tortoise/ turtle”.
  14. Pidgeot: is solely the Pokemon with a base stat total of 469.
  15. Kakuna: is the only Pokemon that shows the highest evolution in the anime.
  16. Spearow: this is the mixture of spear and arrow or Sparrow.
  17. Pidgeotto: caught in Ash in Ash catches a Pokemon. Ever since then, it was one of Ash’s main Pokemon.
  18. Pidgey: one and only Pokemon with a base stat of 251.
  19. Rattata: the earliest pure Normal-type in National Pokedex
  20. Beeedrill: was supposed to be spelled with only one L

21: Raticate: formerly grouped as a Rat Pokemon Red and Blue, later after the third generation, it became classified as a Mouse.

  1. Pikachu: voiced by Ikue Outani.

23: Sandslash: it evolved from Sandshrew from level 22.

  1. Fearow: its weight is 38kg.
  2. Raichu: can either be male or female; the variance in their appearance is that the female possess a smaller, blunted lightning bolt at the end of its tail.
  3. Arbok: happens to be the last Pokemon to be featured on the Kanto Pokerap.
  4. Sandshrew: based on an animal referred to as Pangolin. It is a mammal that humps up into a ball. It possesses sharp claws and dwells in the desert regions.
  5. Ekans: it can be spelled as a snake in a backward manner and it is also an Ekans’ species.
  6. Nidoran: can also lay eggs which have the ability to hatch into a Nidoran.
  7. Nidorina: mostly found in the Kanto region, but they are so rare in Sinnoh.
  8. Nidoqueen: they usually evolve from Nidorina when they get exposed to a Moon Stone.
  9. Nidorino: it appeared in the first episode, battling a Gengar in a battle Ash was watchiong on television.
  10. Nidoking: this alongside the Nidoqueen are soley the two Pokemon with a Poison/Ground type Combination.
  11. Vulpix: was formerly supposed to be called “Foxfire”.
  12. Zubat: they do not have eyes.

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The above is a list of interesting and fun pokemon facts for every pokemon player and lover, there are some of the most asked questions about pokemon, questions from people genuinely interested in knowing more about pokemons and pokemon facts, these questions I’ll answer in the frequently asked questions section below.



  • How many pokemons are there?

There are a total of 807 pokemons, although some of these pokemons are not known to everyone, the first pokemon on the pokedex is Bulbasaur while the last Pokemon is Zeraora.

  • Who is the first Pokemon?

The first pokemon is Rhydon following the order of creation, because it is the first pokemon to be created, but Bulsbasaur is the first pokemon listed on the pokedex which is an encyclopedia where pokemons re ranked.

  • What is the most known Pokemon?

Pikachu is the most known pokemon, heck even people who are not knowledgeable about Pokemons know of Pikachu or sometimes detective pikachu.

  • Is Zeraora a boy or girl?

Zeraora is neither a boy nor a girl because it is a genderless pokemon.

  • What is the rarest Pokemon?

The rarest pokemon is Shiny Vespiquen.

  • What Pokemon is 83?

The Pokemone with index number 83 is the Pokemon GO Farfetch’d.

  • How old is Pikachu?

Pikachu is 24 years old as at June 2020, he was created in 1996.

  • Who is the god of Pokemon?

Arceus is the god of Pokemon, he is a deity and also created the Pokemon universe hence he is the most powerful Pokemon.

  • What’s the worst Pokemon ever?

There are various Pokemons from the game that could be considered the worst for many reasons, these pokemons are the worst pokemons either because of their very bad designs that aren’t cute at all or because they’re just outright useless. What it is, here I present you some of the worst Pokemon ever;

  1. Stunfisk
  2. Spoink
  3. Trubbish
  4. Garbador
  5. Binacle
  • Who is the weakest Pokemon ever?

The weakest pokemon ever is Spoink, at least according to everyone who has played the game and interacted with the pokemons, other notable mentions of weakest pokemons are;

  1.  Magikarp.
  2. Delibird.
  3. Wimpod.
  4. Smeargle
  • Did arceus created Mew?

No Arceus did not creat Mew because they both existed at the same time before the universe was created, both Arceus and Mew are gods of the pokemon world.

  • Is Pikachu the first Pokemon?

No, Pikachu is not the first Pokemon. The first Pokemon is Rhydon as explained up above. She was the first Pokemon to be created in the universe.

  • Who is the most powerful Pokemon?

Arceus is the most powerful Pokemon, he is a god of the Pokemon world and creator of the universe.

  • Did arceus create deoxys?

Yes, Arceus created Deoxys, because he created the world and everything in it including Deoxys.

  • Which is the cutest Pokemon?

Pikachu is considered the cutest Pokemon, no wonder he is the most popular and well known Pokemon. Other cute Pokemons are;

  1.  Squirtle.
  2. Charmander.
  3. Togepi.
  4. Mew.
  5. Eevee and all Eeveelutions
  • What are the 5 most popular Pokemon?

The 5 most popular Pokemon are the following;

  1. Pikachu
  2. Greninja
  3. Lucario
  4. Mimikyu
  5. Charizard