Random Facts About Animals You Never Knew

Top Random Animal Facts

fun facts about animals

Compiled in this facts sheet are mind blowing random animal facts and facts about the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom is a very large one just like human race only that it is larger and more diverse, this diversity in the animal kingdom is nothing like we humans are used to or perfectly understand.

Because all humans are pretty the same or very very similar physiologically and otherwise but that can’t be said of animals, not even close. These random animal facts reflect differences between the animals. There are thousands of different animals with different lifestyles, different mode of walking around, different habitats. The differences between all animal species continues on and on, for this reason we need a carefully compiled fun facts list about these animals and their world which is the animal kingdom, the essence of the random facts about animals and the animal kingdom is to capture all important and necessary things you probably never knew about animals and feature them in one interesting random facts list about animals.

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#1. All clown fish are born male—some turn female to enable mating.

#2. Koalas sleep up to 22 hours a day.

#3. Flamingos are usually white—their diet of brine shrimp and algae turns them pink.

#4. Frogs stay frozen without dying.

Wood frog


#5. Prairie Dogs say hello by kissing.

Prairie dogs kissing in the grass field


#6. Anteaters don’t have teeth.

Giant anteater


#7. Squirrels usually do take the orphaned pups to their late family members


#8. Crocodiles can keep growing for more than 30 years

large alligator


#9. Whitetail deer can sprint at speeds up to 30 miles per hour.

Deer antlers


#10. Female bats give birth while hanging upside down, catching the baby in their wings as it drops.

Fruit bat


#11. Snow leopards can’t roar.

White leopard

#12. Reindeer eyes turn blue in the winter.


#13. The baby Elephants suck their trunks for comfort.


#14. Pigeons are capable of doing math at a similar level.

weird laws


#15. Cats can’t taste sugar because they don’t have sweet taste buds.

Cat licking mouth

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#16. Sea Otters hold hands while they’re sleeping so they don’t drift apart.


#17. Capuchin monkeys pee on their hands to wash their feet

Capuchin Monkey


#18. Chevrotain is an animal that looks like a tiny deer with fangs.

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#19. Most Female lions do 90 percent of the hunting.

Lion hunting


#20. World’s oldest known breed of domesticated dog dates back to 329 BC.

Saluki dog


#21. Bottlenose dolphins are even more right-handed than humans.



#22. Cows that are painted with zebra-like stripes can avoid being bitten by flies.

Cow painted with zebra stripes


#23. Some snails can have hairy shells.

Snail with a hairy shell


#24. Cowbirds use secret passwords to teach their young.



#25. Slow lorises are the only venomous primates.

Slow loris toxic bite


#26. Zebra stripes act as a natural bug repellant.

The Serengeti


#27.Wild chimps like to drink and get drunk.

Wild chimpanzees


#28. Male horses have way more teeth than their female counterparts.


#29. A group of ferrets is called a business.

Ferret face


#30.Some pigs in China are the size of bears.

Large pig


#31. Parrots will selflessly help each other out.

Gray African parrots helping eachother


#32. The mantis shrimp has the world’s fastest punch.

Mantis Shrimp


#33. Puffins use twigs to scratch their bodies

Puffin with a twig


#34. Sperm whales in the Caribbean have an accent.

Sperm whales


#35. Some sharks glow in the dark.

Glow in the dark shark


#36. Baby Tasmanian devils make life-long friendships.

Baby tasmanian devils cuddling


#37. Humpback whales use bubbles to hunt.

Humpback whales


#38. A housefly buzzes in an F key.



#39. Sea otters are adept at using tools.

Pair of otters

#40. Octopuses can taste with their arms.

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