Medical Trivia Questions

Medical Trivia Questions.

Medical Trivia Questions

On the trivia section of Funfactoday, we have trivia questions for virtually all fields, topics and niches possible and the medical field isn’t left out. This is because we know the medical field is one of the most important aspect of life that we cannot and must not overlook. Here we have put together the best fun and interesting medical trivia questions. Though the field appears hard to the average person, these medical trivia questions are not meant to be hard for the average trivia reader. If you are a medical practitioner, a medical student or just someone that loves the medical field then these medical trivia questions are exactly what you’d need to spice up your day and fill it with fun.

Each medical trivia question comes with its specific answer, so as to teach each an everyone of us something new, which is the primary aim of every trivia question we’ve ever shared. Spreading knowledge to more people in the most fun and easy way possible.

Without any further ado, let’s checkout the following fun and interesting medical trivia questions.

The trivia questions are arranged in the manner; question comes first with answer to the specific medical trivia question following beneath it.

Medical Trivia Questions


  • How many pairs of ribs are in a typical human body?


  • Matters related to what sense are referred to as olfactory?


  • A Cancer or tumor of the liver is what condition?


  • What are the bones in the finger called?


  • On which part of the body is an angioplasty performed?

Blood Vessel.

  • What does BMI stand for?

Body Mass Index.

  • What enzyme is responsible for breaking down starches?


  • When blood becomes more acid and normal what is the condition called?


  • In emergency medicine what does STAT mean?


  • What German scientist is known as the father of Radiology?

Wilhelm Roentgen.

  • If a doctor told you there was a fluid entering your lungs what term might be used to describe this?


  • What did psychologist Carl Jung develop?

The Archetype.

  • What are the hair like projections on the outside of cells called?


  • Cephalgia is a medical term for what malady?


  • What do the initials “CME” stand for in medical terms?

Cheif Medical Examiner.

  • What does “CAT” in CAT scan stand for?

Computerized Axial Tomography.

  • What is the first priority in a trauma code?


  • What do the letters “EEG” stand for?


  • What condition is characterized by an imbalance of salts or chemicals in the blood?

Electrolyte Imbalance.

  • Pes planus refers to what condition?

Flat Feet.

  • What is the term used to describe the inflammation of the brain?


  • Where was the first heart transplant performed in 1967?

South Africa.

  • On a prescription medication what does the abbreviation b.i.d mean?

Twice a day 

  • High blood pressure is also known as what?


  • Who developed the vaccine for polio?

Jonas Salk.

  • Who discovered the smallpox vaccine?

Edward Jenner.

  • In medicine what does the “GLOC” stand for?

Gravity Induced Lost Consciousness.

  • What medical term means without symptoms?


  • The beginning phase or stage of a treatment is often referred to as what?


  • What blood type is known as the universal recipient?


  • The natural hallucinogen psilocybin is found in what?


  • According to Sigmund Freud what is the instinctual and primitive part of the psyche?


  • Another name for the diazepam is?


  • What type of birthmark is also called stork bite?

Salmon Patches.

  • What condition is characterized by a stiff neck and fever?


  • What are unstable molecules that can attack the body’s cells called?

Free Radicals.

  • What condition refers to a low oxygen level in the body?


  • What sort of medical specialist is a cardiologist?

Heart Specialist.

  • In a medical context, something that is pertaining to the skin is known as what?


  • The average heart beats how many times per minute?


  • What element can be used as an antidote for arsenic poisoning?


  • What medical term means vomiting?


  • What is pruritus?


  • A medical condition that has been caused by a physician or medical treatment is described as what?


  • If you are getting rid of a disease, what are you doing to it?


  • Jaundice produces yellow pigmentation from which substance?


  • What do you call a doctor who specializes in treating the heart?


  • What drugs are derived from the poppy plant?

Opium, Morphine, Heroin, Codeine and Papaverine.

  • To what does “Orthopedic” relate?

Correcting Bones And Joints.

  • What digestive tracts illness is often a manifestation of diabetes?


  • What does PO stand for on a prescription?

By Mouth.

  • What is another name for “varicella”?

Chicken Pox 

  • Typically where in the heart is the pacemaker located?

Right Atrium. 

  • Triskaidekaphobia is a term for the fear of which number?


  • Something that is toward the end or away from the centre of the body can also be called what?


Which of the above medical trivia questions were you able to get correctly? Anyone at all? Do you think the medical trivia questions collection is fun, knowledgeable and worth sharing? Do share with your medical friends and others who are fund of the medical field and topics to test their knowledge.