Dragon Fly Facts

Most Interesting Facts about Dragon Fly.

dragonfly facts

The dragonfly is one of the most interesting and oldest insects and has been around much longer before us, they’re interesting nature of these insect makes to want to know the facts around dragonflies. Everyone who’s a nature and facts lover will want to know and read these interesting dragonfly facts. With the amount of information which we have put together in this dragonfly facts sheet, you can definitely start your Nat Geo Wild career, no pun intended.

A dragonfly is an insect belonging to the order Odonata, infraorder Anisoptera. Adult dragonflies are characterized by large, multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong, transparent wings, sometimes with coloured patches, and an elongated body

These Dragonflies have been on the Earth even before humans. They are not the strongest insects around,  but their versatility and resiliency kept them in the game of life.

Dragon Fly Facts For Everyone.

The first dragonflies were much bigger.

dragonfly facts

Dragonflies are actually one of the first insects on Earth. They may seem small now but the dragonflies evolved from much bigger ancestors. According to research, the early dragonflies about 300 million years back had wingspans of two and a half feet.

Dragonflies spend most of their lives underwater.

dragonfly facts

Adult dragonflies only live up to 6 months, they end up spending more time in their lives in water than the air.

During this stage, they would breathe using their gills. Dragonfly nymphs eat any underwater creature smaller than them. Some bigger species of dragonfly can even hunt and eat small fish as larvae.

Dragonflies have three stages in their life cycle.

dragonfly facts

The three stages in a dragonfly’s life cycle are the egg, the nymph or larva, and the adult dragonfly. Dragonflies lay their eggs in water.

Dragonflies develop their wings after the larva stage.

dragonfly facts

After the larva stage, they would crawl out of the water with the dragonfly’s exoskeleton cracking open to release its abdomen. At this period, its four wings will start to emerge, drying and solidifying within the next several days.

There are professional dragonfly hunters.

dragonfly facts

In some countries like Indonesia, dragonflies appear to be a popular exotic food. Some people professionally hunt them with various techniques and methods. Fried dragonflies are one of the simplest menus to cook them by using coconut oil.

They bear many omens and superstitions.

dragonfly facts

Some folklore would asy seeing swarms of dragonflies signified incoming rain.  For some cultures, dragonflies represent good luck and prosperity especially when it lands on one’s head.

The Blue Dasher dragonfly is a summer species.

dragonfly facts

Also known as the Blue Dasher is an insect of the dragonfly species that belongs to the skimmer family. They are mostly found in the United States and the Bahamas and usually grow from 1 to 1.5 inches on average

Dragonflies need to warm up in the sun before they fly in the morning.

dragonfly facts

Before they go active during the day, they need to bask in the sun to warm up since their thorax needs to reach 25°C to be ready for flight, but the sun is not present, some dragonflies can generate heat by shaking their flight muscles before taking off.

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The Dragonfly wings are primarily made of membranes and veins.

dragonfly facts

The wings of the dragonfly provide superior stability with high load-bearing capacity as it flies, glides, and hovers Their wings are made of membranes and veins with a a complex design that provides excellent versatility, agility as well as performing maneuverable fliers.



#1. Dragonflies measure 1 to 4 inches long.

#2. Dragonflies have a thorax, abdomen, and six legs.

#3. They have transparent wings, long bodies, and large eyes.

#4. In general, the adult dragonfly has a lifespan of 6 months.

#5. There are over 5,000 species of dragonflies.

#6. Dragonflies have a variety of colors such as yellow, red, brown, blue, and green.

#7. Some dragonflies have brown spots and bands on their wings.

#8. Some dragonflies (bigger species) may bite and break the skin if they need to defend themselves.

#9. They can see even ultraviolet and polarized light.

#10. Dragonflies normally don’t bite and sting humans.

#11. The scientific name of the dragonfly is Anisoptera.

#12. Dragonflies belong to the ‘Odonata’ family of flying insects.

#13. Dragonflies prefer warm climates near water.

#14. the ‘Zygoptera’ are much smaller, with eyes further apart, and their wings along the body at rest.

#15. Although they have six legs, most dragonflies can barely walk.

#16. Dragonflies are placed in the suborder ‘Epiprocta’ which is classified as; bigger, their eyes are together, and the are wings are spread upwards.

#17. Dragonflies can fly backward with the same strength as flying forward.

#18. Dragonflies eat other insects such as midges, mosquitoes, butterflies, moths, and even smaller dragonflies.


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  • What is special about dragonflies?

Dragonflies are special because they’re one of the first winged insects to evolve over 300 million years ago and also they’re expert fliers.

  • Do dragonfliees sleep?

Yes, dragonflies sleep just like most other animals.

  • Where do dragonflies come from?

Dragonflies come from water because they start their life cycles in water, reason why they’re found around water bodies especially swamps, ponds, rivers canals etc.

  • Are dragonflies dangerous?

No, drangonflies are not not dangerous, though they can bite in self-defense when threatened, also the bite isn’t dangerous at all.

  • Do dragonflies only live for 24 hours?

No, dragonflies have a lifespan of six months.

  • What do dragonflies symbolize spiritually?

Dragonfly symbolizes change in self realization.

  • Do dragonflies like humans?

We’re not sure if there’s any insect that likes human but the dragonfly isn’t dangerous to humans and neither are their bites strong enough to inflict any pain or injury on the human skin.

  • What does it mean if a dragonfly lands on you?

It is seen to be good luck if a dragonfly lands on you.