Hoodie-Hoo Day And Everything You Need To Know About February 20

What Is Hoodie-Hoo Day? 

hoodie-hoo day

Of all celebrations the weirdest I’ve ever heard of is the hoodie-hoo day, which happens to fall on the 20th of February of every year.

I used to think that Halloween was the strangest due to the monster costumes and fruit carvings as well as everything that follows Halloween, only for Hoodie-hoo day to blow it straight of the water. Simply put Hoodie-hoodie is February 20th, of every year which is a special where you have to go out at noon and scare Winter away to make room for Spring. Strange right?

If you think the celebration of the day’s event is strange, you’re likely hearing of Hoodie-hoo day for the first time.

On that day, you are meant to go outside at noon, wave your hands above your head and scream “Hoodie-Hoo.” This is meant to scare the Winter season away and pave the way for Spring!

This is a weird way of promoting warmer weather, though it is only celebrated in the United States.

Hoodie-Hoo is actually a copyrighted holiday. This event was created by Wellcat.com (and they have invented a lot of other special days).

Not much is known of the origin and history of this special but strange day.