Most Stinky Cheese That Are So Good

Most Stinky Cheese That Are So Good.

stinky cheese


We all love cheeses, the different variants and flavors of cheeses make for our different tastes in cheeses, some of these cheeses though unknown are stinky and smelly cheese. Just as the name suggests, these cheeses are actually stinky and smelly with pungent odors that make them the cheese of choice for those who have a thing for smelly cheese. Make no mistake, these pungent smell that come from the cheeses determine how tasty and lovely the smelly cheeses are. According to some, the more stinky the cheese is the more tasty and lovely it is. If you’ve been one to stay away from stinky cheese because you think they taste as bad as they smell, you might want to have a change of mind, definitely after reading this stinky cheese review.

Interesting Facts About Stinky Cheese

  1. Pont L’Eveque Stinky Cheese

pont leveque stinky cheese

The Pont L’Eveque stinky cheese is a centuries old French cheese delicacy that is sometimes said to smell as old as it is. The Pont L’Eveque cheese is dated to as far back as the 13th century. Its stinking smell is so contagious that you must have it wrapped properly in the fridge, otherwise your entire grocery items in the fridge will smell like one of the world’s most stinky cheese.

2. Roquefort

Roquefort Stinky Cheese

Another stinky cheese from France, Roquefort, named after a small French village of the same name is a a very tasty chees made from raw sheep’s milk. The Roquefort is considered to be dangerous and can be harmful to pregnant women, this is because the milk is not pasteurized before being made into cheese. If a very tasty cheese is your thing, the stinky Roquefort cheese is there for you.

3. Brie de Meaux

brie de meaux stinking cheese

Brie de Meaux is another French made and internationally cherished stinky cheese on our list of most smelly cheese. Unlike the Roquefort smelly cheese, it is a creamy tasty cheese you really want to try.


4. Epoisses de Bourgogne

Epoisses sstinking cheese

Epoisses cheese are the bomb of stinky cheeses, that Elizabeth Chubbuck has this to say about it: “I wouldn’t be a real cheesemonger if I didn’t mention Époisses. It’s a real pudding bomb of salty-yeasty, oniony-meaty cocoa goodness.”

Unfortunately, most cheeses made from unpasteurized milk do not make it here to the US due to regulations, you don’t get to have a taste of this wonderful French product in the form of a smelling cheese. The Epoisses is made from raw cow milk.


5. Muenster

muenster stinky cheese

Nick named the ‘Monster cheese’ apparently due to it’s unbearably strong odor. But remember the stronger the odor of a stinky cheese, the tastier it is. When next you want to try out a stinky cheese, ask for the cheese with the strongest odor and you should be served the monster cheese.



6. Taleggio

taleggio stinky cheese

Though still a stinky cheese, Taleggio isn’t as stinky as most of the worst smelling cheeses on the list of world’s most smelly cheeses, maybe because is isn’t a French cheese but an Italian stinky cheese that is gaining more and more acceptance amongst lovers of cheese.


7. Camembert

Camembert stinky cheese

Camembert like other French smelly cheese is a soft tasty cheese made from unpasteurized milk, cow milk. Made from a combination of chemical compounds that guarantees it smells as bad as it does, Camembert de Normandy is one of the best unpasteurized milk cheese you’d want to try, if selling cheese us your thing.

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8. Stinking Bishop

stinking bishop smelling cheese

Definitely one of the oldest stinking cheeses on this list, the Stinking Bishop just as the name suggests is anything but a good smelling cheese, made from unpasteurized cow milk.


9. Stilton Stinking Cheese

stilton stinking cheese

Stilton is the king of English cheese that has found its place in the list of world’s most stinky cheese of all time. Only those who are of the opinion that the stronger the smell of the cheese is the better and more palatable it is, will find Stilton interesting. Don’t forget it is one of the oldest cheeses too.

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10. Limburger

limburger stinky cheese

As smelly as your feet is the Limburger stinky cheese, it is the only German cheese to grace our list of most stinky cheese you might want to try. The Limburger cheese smells like your feet because it is fermented with a bacterium responsible for the way your body smells. This bacterium is Brevibacterium. Like other smelly cheese, Limburger tastes and feels much better than it smells.

Notable mentions not on the list are:

  1. U Pecorinu
  2. Ouleout
  3. Ameribella
  4. Gruyere

As you can see from the above list of stinky cheese, there are lots of different varieties of stinky cheese all with their unique flavors and importance to whatever meal you have them with. As you could already guess, there are lots more to learn about these stinking cheese, and some of those could be learnt from checking out the frequently sked questions about stinking cheese and cheese in general. These questions are from people who are either new to cheese or new to specific kinds of cheese. Check the frequently asked questions below. And don’t forget to share this article about stinking cheese with your family and friends who love cheese or want to learn something new about the different kinds of cheese there ae all over the world.


  • Why is Stink cheese stinky?

Brevibacterium linens are the reason why stinky cheese is stinky.

  • Is Stinky cheese good?

Yes, stinky cheese is good but usually not for everyone especially pregnant women.

  • How do you eat stinky cheese?

When eating stinky cheese it is advised to start with the cheese with mild taste and smell then proceed to the strong taste and smell.

  • What happens if you eat Stinky cheese?

Nothing happens when you eat stinky cheese.

  • Why does blue cheese smell bad?

Blue cheese smell bad because of the presence of Brevibacterium linens in the cheese.

  • Is provolone cheese stinky?

No, provolone cheese is not a stinky cheese.

  • What cheese smell like poop?

Taleggio is the only cheese that smell like poop

  • What cheese smell like vomit?

Parmesan cheese smells like vomit.

  • What is the strongest cheese in the world?

Epoisse De Bourgogne is the stinky cheese with the strongest smell.

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