Interesting Facts About Libra

Interesting Facts About Libra.

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Libra is the seventh star sign amongst the zodiac signs and it spans 180° – 210° in the celestial longitude. Just so you know, Libra is Latin for scales which explains its zodiac symbol.

You are considered a Libra if you are born between September 23 to October 22. There are some personalities and features associated with being a Libra and we’ll go through them. Some keywords associated with the Libra star sign are politeness, charming, welcoming, considerate, perfection, thoughtful, attractive, kind, and tactful.

Without taking much of our time, let’s get right into the 14 unpopular facts you need to know about Libra.

  • They care about their appearance

People with the Libra star sign tend to care a lot about how they appear, but it’s not in a way that makes them think a lot of themselves. They love to feel confident in how they look which makes them care a lot about fashion, trends, and styles.

  • Libras make the final decision

When in situations where it’s needed to make a decision, A Libra will likely ask others for help on it and also share ideas and opinions with them. Nonetheless, they tend to make the final decision based on what they think and their efforts.

  • They are compatible with Scorpio

Libras are thought to go well together with Scorpios, who is the next star sign in the birth calendar. The two star signs tend to have a nice bond between them.

  • Libras are strong

Strong in this context doesn’t refer to their physique but rather to their mind. Libras are said to not be easy to influence. They are quite headstrong which makes them know what they want and what they don’t, this makes swaying them a tough task.

  • They are time efficient

Persons with the Libra star sign are thought to make the most of their time and use it very well. They love exploring their passion, talents, and interests. Also, they like working hard and devoting all their time to personal projects they are working on.

  • They can be manipulative

I’ll strongly advise you to take this point into mind with a pinch of salt as all zodiac sign interpretation doesn’t apply to everyone. Now, Libras are thought to tend to be manipulative at times which is a bad thing. They are also likely to intentionally make others annoyed so they can have a higher ground at any given time.

  • They are indecisive

Despite being known for making the final decision, Libras are also known to be indecisive which makes them tussle with making a prompt and right decision. They want things to be kept simple and straightforward but most times, they’re likely to deviate from this.

  • A Libra’s mind is safe-guarded

People with the Libra star sign are thought to guard their mind space safely and are unlikely to let you into it. They like to keep their thoughts to themselves. This might be part of the reason why they have great emotional psychic abilities.

  • They are peacekeepers

You can trust Libras to keep the peace and they tend to be good at mediating between two conflicting parties. They are also likely to take responsibility for a mistake in an argument. Libras tend to feel most at rest when there is happiness and peace in the air. Also, they tend to be forgiving so a fight with them is expected not to last you long.

  • They get involved deeply

People with the Libra star sign are thought to care a lot which makes them get deeply involved in things they have an interest in. Not only things, even people that they love. This can be great but sometimes it can go too deep which makes them get very hurt during breakups.

  • Libras like things being simplified

One thing I can say that Libras don’t like is complicated things and not going straight to the point. They love to keep things simple, straightforward, and hassle-free.

  • They like balance

Libras are thought to like a sense of balance, harmony, and beautiful proportion in things that they do. Unsurprisingly, this is in line with their symbol, The Scales.

  • They can spot manipulative people

Despite being thought to be manipulative, people with the Libra star sign are quite good at spotting manipulative people or those who have bad ideas against them. This makes them quite suspicious of people with questionable characters.

  • They are emotional

Libras are said to be high in emotions and can be led by it at times. Being emotional, they also tend to be quite good at reading the emotions in other people. They are also observant and will likely notice hidden signs and hints that others may not notice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Libra

  • What house is libra?

Seventh house.

  • What element is libra?


  • What metal is libra?


  • What is the modality?

Modality is fixed.

  • What season is libra?


  • What is the ruling planet?


  • What color is libra?


  • What body part is libra?

Body parts are skin, buttocks and kidney.

  • What is the secret wish of Libras?

To belong to a community

  • What stone is libra?

Peridot, Opal, Lazuli and lapis

  • What is the zodiac symbol for libra?

The scales

  • What is the Tarot card for libra?


  • What is the date for libra?

September 23 – October 22