Weird Science Facts For You

Weird Science Facts For You

weird science facts

There are facts, there are weird facts also there are science facts and ultimately we have weird science facts, these science facts are the weirdest of facts you can find related to the science field. This article you’re about to read definitely discusses some of the most weird science facts you probably do not know or have not read about, reading this article further will definitely expose you to these fascinating and mind pausing science facts. We have at some point in the past shared with you weird facts which was a collection of some weirdly unbelievable facts of all time. Expanding that collection of weird facts is exactly what you’re reading right now; weird science facts.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the most weird science facts that you need to know.

Weird Science Facts Of The Day

 1.There were no scientists in the world before the 17th century

The first weird science fact on this list is the strangest science fact about science itself. There were no scientists in the world because ‘scientists’ then weren’t referred to as scientists but rather they were called ‘natural philosophers’. This is strange and an unusual science fact.

2.Toothpicks kill as much people as sharks do yearly

Researchers have found that many people are killed yearly due to the ‘toothpick choking hazard‘ as much as are killed by sharks. Do you know anything about the coolest sharks in the world?

3. Radium was once used for to treat sicknesses

As recent as 1930, Radium(an element capable of causing cancer) was used in food items, water, chocolates, toothpastes , toys, lights, cosmetics and even insertion into the urethra because, it was believed to possess some healing capabilities. When inserted into the urethra they believed it helped cure impotency. All of these were going on before it was discovered Radium causes cancer. See these science quiz questions.


4. In rare cases komodo dragons can reproduce without mating

Maybe one of the very few animals capable of this. Female komodo dragons can through the process called parthenogenesis produce babies without mating or coming in contact with any male of it’s kind.

5. Whales once walked the earth

Pakicetus which is the name of the very first whales ever, is considered to have once walked the Earth as against swimming in the oceans which present day whales are known to do. According to studies, Pakicetus lived on earth over 50 million years ago.

6. Fruit flies flirt by pooping

The common fruit flies attract their mates by pooping. Maybe their poops smell so good and alluring.

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7. Male giraffes taste the urine of their females before mating

Before mating with a female, the male giraffe has to taste the urine of the female to determine if they’re ready to mate.

8. Violin bows are made from horse hairs

Do you enjoy the melodious sound from your violins? I bet you never knew the bows are made from horse hairs.

9. One person in human history has time traveled

A Russian, Sergei Krikalev, who is a cosmonaut(a Russian astronaut) has according to Einstein’s theory of relativity travelled 0.02 seconds into the future. He did so when he spent 803 days in orbits around the Earth. His trip into the future which lasted just 0.02 seconds is the closest humanity has been able to go into the future. Wonder what he saw.

10. Your eye has a resolution of 576 megapixels

The human eye has been well studied and discovered to have a resolution of 576 megapixels. Wonder what happens when tech companies develop cameras with higher resolutions than our eyes.

11. Your ears and nose never stop growing

The human ear and the nose are the only body parts that never stop growing, it’s the reason our grandparents have noticeably larger ears and noses. This will make you become a Pinocchio at old age due to a longer(big actually) nose.

12. Your liver has he ability to regrow when cut or damaged

The human liver is the only organ with the ability to regrow and regenerate it’s parts when cut, or damaged. It doesn’t just heal the way the human skin does, rather it regrows parts that have been cut.

13. A human throughout their life time produce enough saliva to fill a swimming pool

If you start collecting your saliva from today(depending on your age), before you’re of old age you should have two full swimming pools filled with your saliva.

14. It smells sausage in space

The outer space is said to smell like burning sausages on a charcoal grill.

15. Everything you eat is made from just 12 plants and 5 animals

Over 75% of the world’s food items are made from just 12 different plants and 5 different animals species, that’s one of the weirdest science fact am reading because there are varieties of food so diverse there are many you probably haven’t heard of and may never hear of, yet a huge 75% of them all are made form just 12 different plants and 5 animal species.

16. Penguin poops are powerful

For over 5,000 years penguin poops have been the sole source of rocks in the continent of Antarctica. The best part about these poops is that they’re very nutrient rich that in years to come these poops could support the life of animals and plants that can’t survive on the continent.

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17. There’s an animal called ‘Gorilla Gorilla’

The western lowland gorillas are called Gorilla Gorilla, for whatever reason, they were named twice their name apparently because scientists ran out of ideas.

18. A cat once wrote a book

In 1975, a cat co-authored a paper, unfortunately neither it’s name nor any specific thing which we could use to remember thus very cat, for it’s contribution to science.

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19. Bird poops are not white

The white substance you see is uric acid.

20. Jellyfishes are immortals

Some jellyfishes have the ability to live forever, this they do by resetting their growth/development back into their earlier stage of development, causing them to young again. Read facts about fishing for everyone.


The above are some of the weird science facts that we could put together in one list, these facts are not just strange but outright shocking and will make you ask why? There are some popular and frequently asked questions about weird science facts that we’ll answer for the sake of the very inquisitive science lovers.


  • What are some cool science facts?

Some cool science facts that we know are the following;

  1. The Eiffel Tower increases in length by 15cm every summer.
  2. The earth is actually aa giant magnet
  3. Venus is the only planet to spin clockwise
  4. Babies have 100 more bones than adults
  • Did you know interesting facts about science?

Interesting facts about science are the facts shared up above along side some of the following;

  1. The Eiffel Tower increases in length by 15cm every summer.
  2. The earth is actually aa giant magnet
  3. Venus is the only planet to spin clockwise
  4. Babies have 100 more bones than adults
  • What are some unbelievable facts?

The most unbelievable fact is that whales once walked the earth.

  • Who invented science?

While many and different scientific processes have been in practice since time immemorial, modern people credit Aristotle with the invention of science.