Trivia Questions For Adults

Trivia Questions For Adults.

adult trivia questions

Adult trivia questions are trivia questions specifically meant for adults. Most trivia questions are thought to be meant for teens and young adults but most do not know there’s a trivia question for everyone, irrespective of age after all age is nothing but a number. The trivia questions in this collection are mostly questions adults would be interested in answering as well as having the knowledge of to answer the questions. Just like every other trivia questions that we’ve ever had to share on this fun website, this collection of adult trivia questions are fun, interesting and knowledgeable for everyone trying to answer them.

Let’s take a look at the adult trivia questions below.

The questions are arranged in the following manner; trivia question comes first with answer to the specific adult trivia question coming below it.

Adult Trivia Questions


  • In which year did England win the football world cup?


  • Union Jack is the national flag of which country?

United Kingdom.

  • In what war did the British use concentration camps?

Boer War.

  • Jar jar Binks,this character first appeared in what Star wars movie?

Episode 1— The phantom menace.

  • The famous celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separated in what year?

400;”>September 2016.

  • From which movie did Daniel Craig make his debut as James Bond in 2006?

Casino Royale.

  • Since 1988 what sports venue hosted Australian open?

Melbourne Park.

  • The famous Australian actor Hugh Jackman was born in which city.


  • Which famous singer of the band AC/DC died in 1980?

Isla Fisher.

  • In  the 2000 Summer Olympics, which Australian woman won the Olympic championship in the 400meters race.

Cathy Freeman.

  • The British economist Sir Tony Atkinson died on what date?

400;”>January 1,2017.

  • On what date did America officially recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

400;”>December 6, 2017.

  • Zimbabwe’ president Robert Mugabe resigned on what date after 37 years of rule?

400;”>November 15, 2017.

  • Which famous musician died on October 2017?

Tom Petty.

  • Colin Dexter the crime writer famous for writing the inspector Morse series, died on what date?

400;”>March 21, 2017.

  • The Kodak camera was invented by who?

George Eastman.

  • The Japanese word “Sayonara” means what?


  • What is the task of insulin in the human body?

It controls the supply of sugar between muscles and blood.

  • David Lloyd George got what nickname?

Welsh Wizard.

  • Who got the title king of comedy?

Charlie Chaplin.

  • The world oldest currency still in use is what?

The British Pound.

  • The second fastest land animal is?

Pronghorn Antelope. It can run upto 55mph.

  • What is the only food that has no expiry date?


  • In 1896 the world between Zanzibar and England lasted for how many minutes?

38 minutes.

Check out these fun trivia questions.

  • “Simpson desert” was found in which continent?


  • The first Canadian president was?

Sir, John A. MacDonald.

  • Chernobyl disaster happened on what date?

April 26,1986.

  • The first Jurassic Park movie was released in what year?


  • The movie “Playing for keeps” was directed by who?

Harvey Weinstein.

  • The famous movie “The Hustler” was released in what year?


  • Approximately how many movies has Angelina Jolie directed?

47 movies.

  • The famous song “This is what you came for” was released in which year?


  • “When you got nothing, you have nothing to lose” is the famous dialogue of what movie?


  • “I’ll be back” is a famous saying of which famous actor?

Brad Pit.

  • In 2001 who won the Nobel prize for peace?

Kofi Annan.

  • The first nuclear test of China was conducted on what date?

400;”>October 16,1964.

  • What date was the first FM radio broadcast?

400;”>June 17, 1936.

  • True or false: Anny Nightingale was the first female DJ on the radio?


  • The Bible has how many books in it?


  • Approximately how many times does a smartphone user touch their screen daily?


  • What element is present on the 14th number in the periodic table?


  • How many stars does the Australian flag have?

5 stars.

  • MMS stand for what?

Multimedia Messaging Service.

  • Panther is another name for what?

A Black Leopard.

  • “Keep calm and carry on” is the slogan of which nation?


  • The Three prime colours that what?

Yellow, Green and Red.

  • The world longest running TV show is what?

Sabado GiGante.

  • Which American president appeared on the show laugh-in?

Richard Nixon.

  • LCM in mathematics stands for what?

Lowest common multiples.

  • The author JK Rowling’s is famous for which movie series?

Harry Potter.

  • What year was the first calendar made?


  • How many times did the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo win the best player award?

5 Times.

  • PhD stands for what?

Doctor of Philosophy.

  • Gay marriage was first allowed in which country?


  • The first dollar coin was made in what year?


  • When was Microsoft founded?

400;”>April 4, 1975.

  • Michelle Obama is a wife to which American President?

Barack Obama.

  • In Shakespeare’s famous comedy “twelfth night”, what was the relationship between Sebastian and Viola?

Brother and Sister.

  • Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, and Taming of Shrew, are famous novels written by who?


  • Who is the first female Prime Minister in UK?

Margaret Thatcher.

That’s all the adult trivia questions we have for this edition of trivia questions, do you find them interesting and fun as promised? Do share the trivia with your friends who would likely be interested.