Geography Trivia Questions

Geography Trivia Questions

geography trivia questions

One of the most interesting things to me is answering trivia questions about the world and everything related to the subject. This is because, geography is a very interesting topic that much more expands our knowledge base about the world and places we haven’t been to. This is what we aim to achieve with these collated geography trivia questions, to ensure you learn much more about the world and it’ geography from this single webpage than you did elsewhere, furthermore, we the geography trivia questions will test your knowledge of geography and essentially the world in general.

It doesn’t matter, what part of the world you’re from or what part of the world you’re passionate about, these geography trivia questions will show you much more than you ever knew about the world and it’s geography. These geography trivia questions covers different countries, cities, landmarks, waterbodies and basically almost any aspect of the geography of the earth you’d expect from a geography trivia questions collection.

What other way to learn about the world’s geography than with a big collection of the world’s geography trivia questions with their respective answers?

The following trivia questions are arranged in the manner; each geography trivia question comes first with an answer to the specific trivia question beneath it.

Geographical Trivia Questions

  • What is the third-largest state in the world?


  • What ocean shrinks every year?

The Pacific Ocean.

  • What ocean grows one inch wider every year?

The Atlantic Ocean.

  • What is the mean radius of the Earth?

6,371 km.

  • Old Trafford Stadium is located near which city?


  • Which desert is the coldest in the world?

McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica.

  • Which swamp is the largest in the world?

Russian Great Vasyugan Swamp.

  • How many per cent of the earth is covered by Asia?

30 per cent.

  • Which is the largest sea in the world?

 The Mediterranean Sea.

  • What mountain is the oldest in the world?

The Ural Mountains.

  • Which railway Is the longest in the world?

Trans- Siberian Railway.

  • What is the length of the River Thames?

346 Kilometers.

  • Which Siberian lake has more water than any other lakes in the world?

Lake Baikal.

  • Which is the largest drainage basin in the world?

The Amazon Basin.

  • How many countries share borders with India?

7 countries.

  • Which River is the smallest in the United Kingdom?

River Nene.

  • What mountain is the closest to space? 

Mt. Chimborazo.

  • How many countries are included in South Asia?

7 countries. 

  • What country is Mount Kilimanjaro situated?


  • What does the word Canada mean?

Indian Village.

  • How high is Mountain Puncak Jaya?

16,023 ft.

  • Which 2 countries share borders with 14 countries?

China and Russia.

  • What is Mexico’s lowest geographical point?

Laguna Salada.

  • Lake Rudolf is located in which country?


  • What is the driest place on the planet?


  • Alkebulan is the former name of which continent?


  • Which American state can fit the entire world’s population in it?


  • The third-smallest country by area is?


  • What is the name of the longest river in Pakistan?

Indus River.

  • What is the name of the second smallest continent?


  • How many rivers are there in India?

7 rivers.

  • Where is River Thames located?

London, UK.

  • Which European country has the highest population?

Russian Federation.

  • The coldest desert in the world is?

Antarctica Polar desert.

  • The largest desert in the world is?

The Sahara Desert.

  • The largest Peninsula in the world is?

The Arabian Peninsula.

  • The world’s largest lake island is?

Manitoulin Island.

  • Where is the red sea located?

Between Asia and Africa.

  • The longest river in India is?

River Ganga.

  • The largest island in the world is?


  • The name of the smallest continent in the world is?


  • What is the largest continent in the world?


  • The name of the smallest desert in the world is?

The Carcross Desert.

  • Where is the River Amazon situated?


  • The United Kingdom is made up of what countries?

England, Scotland, Northern Island, and Wales.

  • The highest mountain in the United Kingdom is?

Ben Nevis.

  • Where is the Arabian desert situated?

West Asia.

  • How many parks are in the United Kingdom?


  • Where is the hottest place year round in the World?

Dallol, Ethiopia.

  • What is the closest country slightly larger than the United States?


That’s all we have for the collection of geography trivia questions, did these trivia questions about the geography of the world answer your dying geography questions? Do share these trivia questions with your friends especially those that love answering geography trivia questions.

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