Fun Trivia Questions

Fun Trivia Questions.

fun trivia questions

Trivia questions are a fun way to learn new things and gain new knowledge about things around us as well as people and events. That is the sole aim of our huge collections of trivia questions shared on this website. For people who love fun ways to do things, then fun trivia questions and fun facts are the perfect ways to do so.

No matter how much you love answering trivia questions, you still want them to be fun and interesting. Fun trivia questions have to be relatively easy to answer otherwise they’d lose the fun aspect of it all, for this reason we took our time to compile a list of fun trivia questions for you to  answer. What’s more interesting about these fun trivia question is that even if you’re unable to get their correct answers, we still include them beneath the questions.

What’s the perfect time to try out and enjoy these fun trivia questions? They’re perfectly enjoyed when with friends and trying to have some fun by testing your brain and your knowledge of things and events, certainly your friends would love to partake in these trivia questions.

Without any further ado, let’s check out the following fun trivia questions below.

The following trivia questions are arranged in the manner; question comes first, then answer to the specific fun trivia question follows beneath it.

Fun Trivia Questions

Fun Trivia.

  • What is the full name of Michael Jackson?

Micheal Joseph Jackson.

  • Which two colours are traditionally linked to the Halloween festival?

Black and Orange.

  • What is the other word for lexicon?


  • How many words are there in the Oxford dictionary?


  • What day is celebrated on 26th of December?

Boxing Day.

  • What is the National Dish in America?


  • What colours are on the UK flag?

Red, Blue and White.

  • Which of these is more valuable? A Dollar or a Euro.

A Euro.

  • What country’s flag is known as the Union Jack?

The flag of the United Kingdom.

  • When is the harvest day celebrated?

23rd September.

  • Where is Panama situated?


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  • What is the rarest eye colour of redheads?


  • When was BBC established?

18th October 1922.

  • How many elements are in the periodic table?


  • What country invented Pizza?


  • What country invented football?


  • Who is the owner of Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg.

  • What country has the highest rate of redheaded population?


  • Name the historical prince whose name was used by Bram Stoker in his famous novel?


  • What country does Brian Lara belong to?

West Indies.

  • Who became the first female president and head of state in Latin America?

Isabel Martinez de Peron of Argentina.s.

  • When is Easter celebrated?

1st of April.

  • After how many years Olympic are held?

Four Years.

  • What year did the Oscar Award begin?


  • What date was Queen Elizabeth II born?

21st April 1926.

  • At what age did Princess Diana get married to Prince Charles?

20 years old.

  • How many types of teeths are there?


  • Who was known as The King of Comedy?

Sir Charlie Chaplin.

  • Where does the Royal Family live?

Buckingham Palace.

  • What place on Earth is the coldest place to live in?

Oymyakon, Russia.

  • What year was Google founded?


  • If you were eating DuBarry, what would you be eating?

Something made up of Cauliflower.

  • What does Bella mean?


  • How many American cents make a dime?


  • What illness wiped out thousands of people across Europe during the 14th century?

Black Plague.

  • What country did Hitler rule?


  • How many countries have the VETO power?

Five countries.

  • How many squares are there in the chessboard?


  • What is the value of X in the Scrabble?


  • When was angry bird created?

11th December 2009.

  • Where is the largest volcano in the world?

Tamu Massif volcano is the largest one.

  • What does HTML stand for?

Hypertext Markup Language.

  • Who is the founder of 21st Century Fox?

Rubert Murdoch.

  • What country invented paper?


  • Name two countries that doesn’t allow tattoos?

Iran and Japan.

  • What year was bitcoin launched?


  • Where is the United Nations Headquarters situated?

New York City 

  • Does Iceland have an army?


  • How much water is present in watermelon?

92 percent.

  • What blood type is known as the universal donor?


  • What percentage of workers believes that having access to social media platforms help them to be more productive?

56 percent.

  • Name two countries that are allowed taking a nap during work?

Italy and Spain.

  • What does MSN stand for?

Microsoft Network.

  • How often is an average manager interrupted?

Every 8 minutes.

  • What country developed the Skype software?


  • Who won the Oscar award for the category of best actor in 2017?

Casey Affleck.

  • How much money did Apple Sue Samsung for?

One Billion Dollar.

  • Who is the creator of Angry Birds?

Rovio Entertainment.

  • Who named the city New York?

The English Man.

  • How many miles do a typist’s finger travel during an average day?

12.6 miles.

That’s about our list on fun and fun trivia questions collection, do you think they were fun and easy as promised? Certainly there are many more interesting trivia questions that’ll blow your mind with the amount of knowledge you’ve acquire from try them out.