Science Quiz Questions

Science Quiz Questions.

science quiz questions

The complete science quiz questions compilation that you’ve bee searching for has been put together in one place just for you. There’s no doubt you’re a science enthusiast by the virtue of being in this page alone. It’s not had to fathom why, as we already know science is one of the most interesting field of study that has greatly supported and improved our lives, for this reason we already in the past compiled some of the weirdest science facts that we know. Today our focus would be on the coolest science quiz you’re yet to see or try. These science quiz questions would test your knowledge of science and all that you were thought in your science classes.

In our classical pattern of sharing quiz questions, all the science quiz questions tat you’re about to read come with their respective answers because our aim is to help you learn more while having fun. By doing so, we ensure spreading knowledge and information becomes entertaining and interesting. To check out the science quiz questions read further below.

These science quiz are arranged in the following manner; quiz questions come first while answer to the specific science quiz follows beneath it.

Science Quiz Questions

  • A surgical intervention in which a hole is drilled into the human skull is known as what?


  • At room temperature what form does the metal Mercury take?


  • Which drug is called the wonder drug?


  • Blue-Green Algae are also known as…?

The oldest fossils.

  • The unit of measurement of the activity of a radio active element is what?


  • What is an Aurora?

Aurora is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, predominantly seen in high-latitude regions (around the Arctic and Antarctic).

  • How many people have the AB Negative blood type in the US?


  • What causes Tsunami?

Tsunami is caused by underwater disturbance, usually associated with earthquakes, underwater landslide and volcanoes.

  • How old is the Sun?

The Sun is considered to be about 5 billion years old.

  • What is the rarest blood type?

AB Negative.

  • What is an Exoplanet?

A planet residing outside of our Solar System.

  • What is the largest part of the human brain?

The cerebrum.

  • How many bones more do babies have more than adults?

Babies have 94 more bones than adult. There are 206 bones in the body of adult human.

  • What is the chemical symbol of silver


  • Where was the highest speed of wind ever recorded?

Mount Washington New Hampshire.

  • The country with the longest coastline is..?


  • What are Malleus, Incus, and Stapes?

They are known as the middle ear ossicles and they’re the smallest bones in the human body.

  • What is the primary function of the tongue in humans?

To aid tasting, chewing and swallowing food as well as to to help in speech.

  • The mixture of smoke and dust particles in the air is called what?


  • What is the name of the saltiest sea in the world?

The Dead Sea.

  • Where is the saltiest sea in the world located?

It is located in the middle east, bordered to the west by Israel and the West Bank and to the east by Jordan.

  • Is tomato a fruit or vegetable?

Tomato is a fruit.

  • All seas are salty but which one is the saltiest…?

The Dead Sea.

  • The largest known meteorite crater on Earth is located where?

In South Africa.

  • What is the vertebrae?

The bones that make up the spine.

  • What are the ribs?

The bones around the heart that protects the lungs, heart and other organs within it.

  • DC is an abbreviation for what?

Direct Current.

  • What is the planet closest to the Sun?


  • AC is an abbreviation for what?

Alternating Current.

  • The two holes in the nose is known as?


  • Bamboo is the tallest grass in the world, what is the average height of bamboo?

39 meters.

  • What is the fastest animal in the sea?

The sailfish.

  • What is the fastest animal in the air?

The Peregrine Falcon.

  • What is the fastest animal on land?


  • What is manometer?

It is a device used in measuring pressure.

  • What is the outer ear called?


  • What is the Esophagus?

It is the pipe that carries food from your throat down into your stomach.

  • What is the substance responsible for causing fever?


  • Count Alessandro Volta invented what?


  • What is the coolest part of the atmosphere?


  • The Seismograph was invented in what year?

200 A.D.

  • What is the hardest part of the human body?

The enamel of a human teeth.

  • From what substances are human nails made from?


  • In what organisms are Xylem found?


  • What is the largest organ in the human body?

The skin.

  • Why do bubbles pop up?

Because they get dry from the surrounding air.

  • Dead human skins make how much of the dust in homes?

About 70%.

  • The hottest planet in our Solar System is..?


  • Thomas Edison filed for a record number of patents, how many were they?

1093 patents.

  • The human RNA is in what shape?

Spiral shape.

  • The human DNA is in what shape?

Double helix.

  • The Earth is estimated to be how many years old?

An estimated 4.5 billion years old.

  • What is the radius of our Solar System?

52,850 light years.

  • What are stalactites?

Stalactites are tapering structures hanging like an icicle from the roof of a cave, formed of calcium salts deposited by dripping water.

  • Where is The Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, the oldest known living thing found?

It is found in the American West mostly in the states of California, Utah and Nevada.

  • Venus is the hottest planet on the Solar System, what is its temperature?

880 degrees Fahrenheit(471 degrees Celsius).

  • Which planet on the Solar System rotates the fastest?


  • What part of the eye controls the light that passes through the pupil?

The Iris.

  • What is the innermost part of the bone called?

Bone marrow.

  • What is the larynx in the human body?

It is the voice box.

  • What is the outermost part of the human skin called?

The epidermis.

  • Asides hearing what are the other purpose of the human hears?

To maintain balance.

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