Easy Quiz Questions

Easy Quiz Questions.

Easy Quiz Questions

Quiz questions are an easy way to learn new things and gain new knowledge about things around us as well as people and events. That is the sole aim of all our huge collections of quiz questions shared on this website. For people who love fun ways to do things, then easy quiz questions and fun facts are the perfectly fun ways to learn new things.

No matter how much you love answering quiz questions, you still want them to be fun and interesting. Quiz questions have to be relatively easy to answer otherwise they lose the fun aspect of it all, for this reason we took our time to compile a list of easy quiz questions for you to¬† answer. What’s more interesting about these easy quiz question is that even if you’re unable to get their correct answers, we still include their answers. This is because the sole aim of easy quiz questions is to help you learn something new not making things unnecessarily difficult.

The perfect time to try out and enjoy quiz questions? They’re perfectly enjoyed when with friends and trying to have some fun by testing your brain and your knowledge of things and events, certainly you’re friends would love to partake in these quiz questions.

Without any further ado, let’s check out the following easy quiz questions below.

The following quiz questions are arranged in the manner; question comes first, then answer to the specific easy quiz question follows beneath it.

Easy Quiz Questions


  • Which Olympics sport takes place in a velodrome?


  • Which joint connects the foot to the leg?


  • In London, what are Tate Modern, Tate Britain and White Cube?

Art galleries.

  • What name is shared by a brass musical instrument and a type of ice-cream cone?


  • Prior to joining the Euro, what was the currency of Spain?


  • Which American city was also the title of a 2002 Oscar winning film starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere?


  • What item useful in the rain provided the title of a hit single of Rihanna?


  • Aintree racecourse is in which city?


  • Coniston Water and Derwent Water are part of which UK National Park?

The Lake District

  • Speakers corner is a feature of which London Park?

Hyde Park.

  • Harley Street in London is commonly associated with which profession?


  • What is the national flower of Wales?


  • Ringway airport serves which British City?


Check out these fun trivia questions.

  • Which fortification stretches from Bowness-on-Solway to Wallsend?

Handarian’ Wall.

  • Saint mungo’s cathedral is in which Scottish City?


  • Glyndebourne is associated with what type of music?


  • The Balti Triangle is in an area of which British City?


  • The Derby is held at which English racecourse?


  • Which English country is known as Shakespeare’s country?


  • The Clifton Suspension Bridge spans which river?


  • ¬†Shannon airport is in which European country?


  • Nora batty was a character in which long-running TV comedy?

Last of the Summer Wine.

  • Murrayfield stadium is in which British City?


  • In which sport might a player score a birdie eagle or albatross?


  • Goal shooter goal attack and wing attack I’m playing positions in which sport?


  • The underwater city of bikini bottom is a setting for which popular children’s cartoon?

SpongeBob SquarePants.

  • Colombo is the largest city of which Asian country?

Sri Lanka 

  • Which sci-fi has been played on the big screen by Leonard Nimoy and recently by Zachary Quinto?

Mr Spork.

  • English how many English monoarchs have been called Edward?


  • In Tolkiens ‘The Hobbit’,¬† what type of fictional Creature is smaug?


  • Carrow Road is the home ground of which English football team?

Norwich City.

  • The Financial Times Newspaper is printed on what colour paper?


  • For what is ‘The Dunny’ an Australian slang term?

The toilet.

  • The cannery island a region of what country?


  • In the popular video game series what type of animal is Sonic?


  • Green fairways and bonkers apart of the setting of which sport?


  • Which UK city was the venue for the 2014 Commonwealth games?


  • Ramsey Street is the setting for which TV soap?


  • The Great Barrier Reef lies off the coast of which country?


  • Which pair of superheroes are known as a Dynamic Duo?

Batman and Robin.

  • Which fictional sleuth was played on TV for 25 years by David Suchet?

Hercules Poirot.

  • Brie and Camembert are types of which food?


  • Complete the title of the hit romantic comedy‚ÄĒ’When Harry Met’…?


  • What type of creature lives in an apiary?


  • In London what can be found at the spitalfields Portobello road and Camden?


  • Which British artist is famous for its spots paintings?

Damien Hirst.

  • Rugby Union team is made up of how many players?


  • 400;”>Which British patron saint is celebrated annually on the 1st of March?


  • What colour flag is awarded to a beach that meets high standards for cleanliness safety and water quality?


  • Pantomimes traditionally takes place at what time of the year?


  • In which religion is Krishna a god?


  • In which sport are they playing positions called flanker flyout and tight-head prop?

Rugby Union.

  • What boy’s name is also the capital of Falkland island?


  • TV comedy Dad’s army was set during which conflict?

World War II.

  • Stilton, Wensleydale and Yarg which types of food?


  • In which decade did Queen Elizabeth II become British monarch?


  • In which country was Adolf Hitler born?


  • The phrase ‘three-strikes-and-you’re-out’ originates from which sport?


  • Which English city is often abbreviated to Soton?


  • Which mountain range forms a natural border between France and Spain?

The Pyrenees.

That’s it about our list on fun and easy quiz questions collection, do you think they were fun and easy as promised? Certainly there are many more interesting quiz questions that’ll blow your mind with the amount of knowledge you’ve acquire from try them out.