Check Your IQ With This IQ Test

The IQ Test Recommended By Psychologists

IQ or Intelligence Quotient is a measure of a person's reasoning and logical abilities. It is usually a way to gauge how a person can make use of logic and provided information to make predictions as well as answer questions. It varies from person to person, although two people can have same IQ score.   Psychologists have devised a way to measure IQ scores of individuals. This is done by asking questions that measures a person's short-term and long-term memory, taking note of how they're able to recall information, as well as how fast. Furthermore, this method also measures how well they're able to solve puzzles.   We have taken our time to put together these IQ test questions. Your performance in them determines how high or how low your IQ is. Usually, there's an average IQ for the majority of people. If you're reading this right now, chances are your IQ is at least average(90-109) and not anything below that, otherwise you won't have been able to visit this website and read any content on it. So, kudos!

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