Most Powerful Marvel Characters In The Marvel Universe

Strongest Marvel Characters.

most powerful marvel character

We all love marvel, at least we love most of the marvel super heroes, they’re the reason we find it hard staying away from any of the Marvel super hero films. All of these marvel characters possess different degrees of strength and power, but something that has puzzled all of us fans and lovers of the Marvel universe is a question of who is most powerful marvel super hero or strongest marvel character? To be honest, every Marvel fan that I have met has a different point or view to this. We all have our favorite Marvel character, but is our favorite Marvel super hero the strongest of all the Marvel characters? That is a problem I’ve faced asking Marvel universe fans who they think is the strongest super hero in the Marvel universe, everyone ends up mentioning their favorite marvel super hero as the strongest, not to say they’re wrong but they can’t be correct all the time.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most powerful Marvel characters, these most powerful Marvel characters were properly selected out of the strong marvel super heroes you already know, we decided to list the strongest and most powerful Marvel characters according to their strength. Bear in mind, this list of most powerful Marvel super heroes may not include your favorite Marvel super hero(if they’re not worthy) or may place the one you despise the most atop your favorite. Also, this list of most powerful Marvel characters is in no order at all, which means the character in number 1 may not really be stronger than the one in number 5. Check out these movie quiz questions.

Most Powerful Marvel Characters And Super Heroes

  1. One Above All

one above all most powerful marvel character

One Above All just as his name sounds is the one above everyone in the Marvek universe. He’s above all and overseas all because he is the creator of the  Marvel Multiverse.

2. Beyonder

beyonder most powerful marvel character

The Beyonder is one capable of manipulating reality into what pleases him. Was only dragged to earth by Intel.

3. Living Tribunal

living tribunal strongest marvel character

The Living Tribunal himself is the only one tasked with the protection of the Marvel Multiverse, he’s to protect it from all powers and imbalance. Such a huge task requires enormous powers. Yes, the Living Tribunal is powerful enough for the job.

4. Eternity

eternity strongest marvel character

Eternity equally as powerful as the Living Tribunal only that he’s second to the Living tribunal. Representative of every universe in the Marvel multiverse.


5. Franklin Richards

franklin richards strongest marvel character

With so much power enough to manipulate virtually everything including time, reality, energy and molecules. With this power to manipulate all comes ability to project energy. Franklin Richards is as strong as he’s gifted.

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6. Phoenix Force

phoenix force strongest marvel character

Phoenix Force being one of the oldest and ever known force in the multiverse represents all life that is yet to be born. Phoenix force is indestructible as well as immortal.

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7. Cyttorak

cyttorak most powerful marvel character

Empowered with so much strength, agility and speed, Cyttotak was once worshipped on Earth, before being banished. Though lacking in intelligence the powers he has far outweighs his lack

8.  Mikaboshi

mikaboshi strongest marvel character

With so much magical powers and durability comes the capability to destroy everything, hence the name ‘Chaos King’. Mikaboshi is one of the strongest deities of the Marvel multiverse.

9. Magus

magus strongest marvel character

Magus, a lot similar to Galactus is named the shape shifter due to his ability to take any form, shape and size. A very powerful being that can turn into virtually anything to grant it the power to destroy anything in space.

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10. Galactus

galactus most powerful marvel character

Bestowed with every ability imaginable, Galactus is the devourer of planets, making him an all powerful being.


11. Grandmastergrandmaster strongest marvel character

With old age comes wisdom, power, intelligence and more. Those are just a few of the Grandmaster’s capabilities. He is also capable of telepathy, mind alteration and more. You don’t want to mess with the old one.

12. Hercules

hercules most powerful marvel character

Hercules the son of Zeus has too many superhuman powers which include but are not limited to regenerative healing and ability to suspend aging.

13. Odin

odin msot powerful marvel character

Arguably with an endless and limitless powers Odin is called The All Father for a reason. Odin has speed, durability, strength and energy projection that dwarfs those every other on the Multiverse.

14. Skaar

Skaar most powerful marvel character

Skaar the son of Hulk has an enormous strength just like his father and powers to manipulate the Old Powers which he inherited from his mother. Skaar is very powerful no doubt.

15. Vulcan

Vulcan most powerful marvel character

The king of energy manipulation and energy blast is what Vulcan is known as.


16. Deadpool

deadpool strongest marvel character

With so much superhuman powers which he got from undergoing an experiment, Deadpool is a skilled martial artist that is capable of advanced regeneration. Deadpool has the strength, stamina, speed and durability to withstand anything.

17.  Thanos

thanos strongest marvel character

The strength, durability that Thanos packs about is capable of destabilizing and destroying lots of other marvel characters. Thanos is a very powerful being that got obsessed with Death when he was very young.

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18. Silver Sulfur

Sulfur most powerful marvel character

Silver with the power to manipulate energy is one of the most powerful beings of the Marvel Multiverse. He is a slave to Galactus.

19. Onslaught

Onslaught strongest marvel character

A representative of the combination of Magneto’s and Professor Xavier’s powers and embodied hate. Onslaught is an extremely powerful and terrifying entity.

20. Magneto

Magneto marvel strongest character

The ability to control and manipulate and control metals and anything that has metal in them is the signatory powers of Magneto. An extremely powerful villain.


21. Hyperion

Hyperion marvel most powerful character

Hyperion is the Marvel Multiverse version of super man. The ability to shoot very powerful beams of light from his eyes and being able to heal himself are his signature.

22. Sentry

Sentry strongest marvel character

With powers equaling that of a million exploding suns, Sentry’s powers and capabilities are definitely unmatched.

23. Thor

Thor strongest marvel character

With an incredible flight speed and ability to control the Earth, Thor and the Mjolnir are almost unbeatable.

24. Hulk

Hulk most powerful marvel character

The Hulk’s powerss are his limitless strength and night-invulnerability. You better not face Bruce Banner whenever he’s angry, because the Hulk is all you get.

25. Apocalypse

Apocalypse strongest marvel characters

The only able to restrain the Hulk is Apocalypse. After living thousands of years he has developed near immortal super strength that has kept him above his pairs.


26. Adam Warlock

Adam warlock most powerful marvel character

With so much powers than can be listed, Adam Warlock is a creation of the ‘Beehive’ in a bid to create the perfect human. with so much speed, strength and energy projection, Adam Warlock is one of the most powerful Marvel Characters.

The above are the marvel characters and heroes we’d consider the strongest for the various reasons which we’ve already mentioned and explained. There are lots of popular and frequently asked questions about the most powerful marvel characters that the article thus far hasn’t explained or answered, such questions would be the focus of the next section of the article, as we assume there are many fans of the marvel universe as well as enthusiasts who want to learn some new things.


  • Who is the strongest Marvel hero?

In no articular order these are the strongest marvel heroes

  1. Skaar.
  2. Sentry.
  3. Maestro.
  4. She-Hulk.
  5. Thing.
  6. Hercules.
  7. Hulk.
  • Is Captain Marvel the most powerful?

No, Captain Marvel is not the most powerful though us definitely one of the strongest marvel characters. The most powerful is the One Above All.

  • Who is more powerful than Thanos?

There are a handful of Marvel characters stronger than Thanos, some of those characters are

  1. Galactus
  2. Thor
  3. Cyttorak
  4. Kronos
  5. Eternity
  6. Onslaught
  • Who is most powerful superhero?

The most powerful superhero is Thor, then we could also consider Hulk, Gladiator and few more in the article up.

  • Who is the weakest avenger?

Mantis is the weakest avenger, we came to this conclusion after taking account of her powers which is basically the ability to feel and manipulate the emotions of someone else, we’re not saying this isn’t useful enough but there’s only so much this can accomplish.

  • Who is the fastest avenger?

Quicksilver is the fastest avenger, he runs much faster than Thor’s hammer can fly, this fat speed of his was evident in his short lifespan in Avengers; Age of Ultron, how he was able to save lots of people in a second.

  • Who’s stronger Captain Marvel or Thor?

Thor is undoubtedly stronger, remember he’s an Asgadian god. He showed his strength when he took on an entire planet in Avengers: infinity war.

  • Who is the strongest female avenger?

Captain Marvel is the strongest female avenger.

  • Can Hela kill Thanos?

Hela will be able to kill Thanos if he fights her without the infinity Gauntlet, but in a case where Thanos has the Gauntlet with all complete 6 stones, then she stands no chance of killing Thanos.

  • Is Odin stronger than Thanos?

Yes Odin is stronger than Thanos and even more durable. Getting in a fight with Thanos would result in the destruction on entire galaxies.