Amazing Facts You Never Knew

Amazing Facts You Never Knew.

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Amazing facts are facts that will totally blow your mind away anytime you read them. We’re surrounded by amazing things and amazing activities taking place, all of these when compiled make for the most amazing facts list that you’re about to read.

Get ready for  a bunch of random amazing fun facts that will definitely make you question everything you ever knew about your world and things around you. While some of these facts are mundane to some people, they’re definitely wowing and amazing to others, who haven’t been exposed to these amazing facts that make the world a stimulating and awe-inspiring place. One secret; these amazing facts are responsible for making the world go round.

Without a waste of your fun time, let’s get straight to the list of most amazing facts of all time

Most Amazing Facts OF All Time

  • The word “emoji” comes from the Japanese words “e” and “moji”, which mean “picture” and “character”.

The link to the English words “emotion” and “emoticon” are purely coincidental.

  • In the 18th Century Smallpox scars would get you a job.

The reason was because by having Smallpox scars it showed that you had already had Smallpox so employers didn’t have to worry about you getting it and taking time off work.

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  • Did you know that the original London Bridge is now in Arizona.

It was taken apart in 1963 and shipped overseas before being reassembled piece by piece.

This was to help bring people to the new, developing town.

  • Famous French painter Claude Monet was only rich because he won the lottery.

Monet was dirt poor. And, like most dirt-poor people, he played the lottery.

His luck changed when he won 100,000 Francs and lived a life of luxury and wealth after this.

  • The coloring of Gizmo’s fur from The Gremlins matches Steven Spielberg’s dog.

Spielberg, who executive produced the film, requested the effects team make Gizmo’s fur orange and white to match his beagle, Chauncey.

  • Japanese people use more paper for manga than toilet roll.

Crazy as though it may sound, this is 100% true – especially as most modern Japanese toilets feature bidet washing facilities rather than toilet paper.

  • Some insects and small birds see the world in slow motion.

This is because they process information so quickly that they perceive time as though it was in slow motion. The reverse is found in bigger animals, which process information more slowly.

  • In Japan, girls buy boys gifts on Valentine’s Day.

One month later, on March the 14th, the Japanese celebrate “White Day”, which is when boys will buy gifts for the girls who gave them gifts on Valentine’s Day.

  • Did you know Over one quarter of the world’s hazelnuts are used to make Nutella.

Because of the world’s huge Nutella consumption, the Italian company Ferrero buys one quarter of the globally produced hazelnuts each year.

  • Mock naval battles were sometimes held in Rome’s Colosseum.

Often thought of as the home of just the gladiatorial games, the Romans would sometimes flood the Colosseum with water from a nearby aqua-duct and hold full-scale mock naval battles for entertainment and to test out new technologies and tactics.

  • Eating carrots can turn your skin orange.

Called carotenemia, this can happen if you eat three large carrots or more every day for a long period of time.

This is because the carrots give the body too much beta-carotene, which causes the changing color of your skin.

  • QWERTY keyboards were  actually supposed to slow down typing.

This was by spacing out commonly used letters so that the typewriters they were fitted to wouldn’t jam as often.

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  • Car manufacturer Volkswagen makes sausages.

Not only that, they make more revenue from their sausage sales than they do from their car sales!

  • In 1969, people on a hijacked plane thought they were on a prank hidden-camera show.

This was because the presenter of prank show Candid Camera, Allen Funt, was on the fateful plane when it was hijacked.

This led people to believe that they were on the show themselves and it was all a big joke!

  • In 1977, scientists received a signal from deep space.

Known as the ‘Wow!’ signal, this strong narrowband signal lasted only 7 seconds, and to this day, scientists still don’t know what it was or where exactly it came from.

  • When you eat oysters raw, they’re still alive.

Oysters must be alive when caught to be sold for eating purposes. Oyster fishermen test oysters to make sure they’re still living by tapping their shells and seeing if they close up.

  • In 1912, a French orphanage held a raffle, with babies as the prize.

The orphanage’s management had consulted the Parisian authorities before the raffle, and did carry out an investigation of the winners to make sure they were suitable parents for the prize babies.

  • Prisoners at Alcatraz were given the luxury of hot showers.

This was a comfort not often given to prisoners in many prisons at the time.

However the management at Alcatraz afforded their prisoners hot showers to stop them from becoming acclimatized to cold water, which would aid their escape from the island.

  • Do you know you can get a McDonald’s Gold Card that entitles you to free food for life.

Amongst the members of this very exclusive club are Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Another man with a Gold Card is everyday hero Charles Ramsey, who ditched his half-eaten Big Mac to rescue three kidnapped women.

  • The compound used to make dynamite is used for treating heart problems.

Nitroglycerin, the thing dynamite is made from, is used to treat problems like lack of blood flow to the heart.

  • Sometimes earthquakes naturally cause lights to appear.

They can appear as many different types of colors and shapes.

  • Steve Irwin has a snail named after him.

Scientifically called the “Crikey steveirwini”, scientists discovered this rare species of tree snail in 2009.

They named it in honor of the late explorer as its shell was khaki in color, like the Crocodile Hunter’s signature outfit.

  • On Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, a person could fly by attaching wings to their arms.

This is because the atmosphere is so thick and the gravity is so low, that it you flapped wings attached to your arms you could fly like a bird.

  • Early helicopters had wooden rotor blades.

This was because, before the invention of fiberglass, wood was used due to the fact that it was lightweight, strong and resistant to fatigue.

  • Canada has the world’s smallest jail.

Located in Rodney, Ontario, this teeny tiny jail is only 15 feet by 19 feet and only contains two cells.

  • Pigs are very smart animals.

They are smarter than dogs, they can solve puzzles better than chimpanzees and they have some of the best long-term memories known in animals.

  • It takes 600 cows to make one season’s worth of NFL footballs.

The Wilson Sporting Goods Co. in Ohio has been the NFL football supplier since 1941 and makes more than 2 million footballs of different types each year.

  • The German Government thanked David Bowie for helping break down the Berlin Wall.

This was because Bowie’s iconic performance of his hit-song Heroes was hailed as a catalyst to the Berlin Wall being demolished.

  • Every year, the Netherlands sends Canada 20,000 tulip bulbs.

This is done as a way of thanking Canada for their role in liberating the Netherlands from Axis occupation during World War II.

  • The Hawaiian pizza is a Canadian invention.

Retired Canadian cook Sam Panopoulos was the first person to put pineapple and ham on a pizza together, and marketed it as a Hawaiian pizza in the Satellite Restaurant in Chatham, Ontario.

  • Ketchup was a medicine in the early 1800s.

In 1834, American Dr. John Cooke Bennet added tomatoes to ketchup, adding many vitamins and antioxidants to the sauce.

He then branded it as a medicine to cure Diarrhea, Indigestion, Jaundice and Rheumatism.

  • pandas sometimes fake pregnancies.

Pandas sometimes carry on showing symptoms synonymous of early pregnancy after noticing their preferential treatment, such as private accommodation, air conditioning and extra food.

  • People with brain damage can suffer from “joke addiction”.

A study by neurologists showed that some patients who suffered from brain trauma and have developed damage on the right-hand side of their brain have a compulsive obsession to tell jokes which they find hilarious, whilst not finding other peoples’ jokes funny.

  • There is a sea slug that is part animal and part plant.

The Elysia Chlorotica, a green sea slug, is the first animal ever discovered to create chlorophyll like a plant.

This makes it capable of photosynthesis, meaning it is part animal and part plant.

  • The common cold comes from camels.

Camels are able to transmit diseases to humans and this is where they believe the common cold originated.

  • Before 1913, you could legally mail a baby.

Mailing children became a common practice in rural America as the price of postage for a child was cheaper than the price of child’s train or bus ticket.

  • By 400BC, Persian engineers mastered the technique of storing ice in the middle of desert summers.

This was done through the use of subterranean storage space and thick, heat-resistant construction materials.

  • Kit Harrington is related to the man who invented the flush toilet, and one of the Gunpowder Plot perpetrators.

Kit Harrington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) is a descendent of Sir John Harrington (on his father’s side), inventor of the flushing toilet, and also Robert Catesby (on his mother’s side) who tried to blow up Parliament with Guido Fawkes.

  • Before alarm clocks were affordable, there were professional “Knocker Uppers” to wake people up for work.

This was something that started during the industrial revolution in Britain, and carried on in some places until the 1970s.

  • There is a type of mouse that howls to defend its territory.

Known as The Grasshopper Mouse, this fierce little rodent has a main diet of scorpions, centipedes and other scary creepy crawlies, and it marks and defends its territory by howling loudly.

  • Seeing Eye dogs can poop on command.

This is part of the rigorous training they must undergo, and is essential so that their blind owners know when to pick up their poop.

  • Scientists put fake tails on chickens to understand how T-Rex might have walked.

As the closest living relative to a T-Rex, any practical testing falls to the humble chicken.

  • Male cats have longer tails than female cats.

On average, male cats have a tail of 11 inches, whereas female cats have a tail of roughly 9.9 inches on average.

  • The first death in the American Civil War was a horse.

In fact, the only casualty during the Battle of Fort Sumter – the war’s first battle – was the poor confederate officer’s trusty steed.

  • The word “disaster” means “bad star” in Ancient Greek.

This is because back in Ancient Greek times, astrology was often used as a means of predicting things such as the weather, or natural events like earthquakes.

  • The world’s loudest bird call can be heard from half a mile away.

That’s 0.8 kilometers away! This piercing call belongs to the Three-wattled Bellbird, and what’s more is that they have different sounding calls in different countries, like regional accents.

  • The start-up sound for Window 95 was made on an Apple Macintosh computer.

It was created by composer Brian Eno specifically on a Mac as he’d never used a PC – because he doesn’t like them. Ironic.

  • Sierra Leone is the world’s roundest country.

And it sits not too far from Egypt, which is the world’s squarest country.

  • Popcorn is the healthiest cinema snack and has serious health benefits.

Eating popcorn builds bone, muscle and tissue, as well as aiding digestion and being good for your teeth.

  • Research shows that everyone has up to 6 doppelgängers.

It has even been found that people of different genders can be doppelgängers of each other.

Furthermore, there is only a 9% chance that you will meet one of your doppelgängers in your lifetime.